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"This painting is about my dad's dream of going fishing on a big boat in the ocean.
In his early experiences he told me that he would get very, very seasick from going out on a big boat.
My dad has also told me everyday,
If I have a dream,
to make my dream come true, to be persevering, to never let my fear hold me back
. I have followed my dad's footsteps. It's come from both my parents.

I am just telling my dad in this painting, "Now it is my turn to tell you the same thing. You have to be persevering. You can't let your fears hold you back."

In this painting I caught the big, big fish. I'm here on the right,
Captain Nechita,
and this is my father on the left.

The blue sun is shinning on my dad, all the light is shining on him. He wants to go fishing but he still doesn't have that strong, strong courage to go in a big boat out on the ocean.
I know he will one day."

Alexandra Nechita 1995
60" x 72"

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